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At Hanson Crossborder Tax Professional Corporation, we help our clients navigate the requirements of complex foreign tax regimes. From assisting individuals and businesses with crossborder tax filing and reporting obligations, to offering valuable tax planning services and strategies, we work directly with our clients to find the best taxation result.

Our firm works cooperatively with a wide variety of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and investment portfolio managers to ensure all aspects of our clients’ crossborder matters are considered.


Moving from Canada to the U.S. or vice versa? We can help you navigate Canadian and U.S. tax laws through this major life change, as well as many other situations. Examples include:

  • U.S. Citizens living in Canada who are delinquent on U.S. tax filings or never filed
  • U.S. Expatriation or becoming a Canadian non-resident for tax purposes
  • U.S. Citizens with Canadian corporations facing U.S. Tax under GILTI, Subpart F, and PFIC tax regimes
  • Tax resolution and representation and assistance with letters and notices from U.S. and Canadian taxing authorities (IRS and CRA, respectively)
  • Crossborder planning for retirement plans, including rollover and liquidation of IRA, 401k, RRSP, LIRA, and other pension instruments
  • Canadian and U.S. tax implications due to marital breakdown


Businesses often find themselves facing crossborder tax issues. Whether you are a Canadian corporation wishing expand business to the U.S. or vice versa, we are experienced in providing tax support to corporations in both jurisdictions, including aiding in:

  • U.S. Entity tax compliance (C-corporations, S-corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, Parnterships, Single Member Disregarded Entities, Controlled Foreign Corporations, etc.)
  • Canadian foreign affiliate and controlled foreign affiliate reporting
  • Matters related to Permanent Establishment (PE) and “doing business”
  • Registration of Canadian branches with the CRA for business numbers, sales, and payroll accounts

Amnesty, Resolution, and Representation

Do you need help resolving notices from the IRS or the CRA? We can help with that and more:

  • Assisting with civil penalty notices
  • Addressing notices of penalty and additional tax due
  • Tax delinquency filing under reasonable cause via IRS prescribed amnesty programs (e.g. Streamlined Foreign Offshore Compliance) and the CRA Voluntary Disclosure program
  • Assisting with tax audits
  • Responding to requests for back tax returns
  • Advising on notices for collection, lien, or levy

Estates and Trusts

Planning for estates and trusts is complicated enough in a single country. When you have to consider both Canadian and U.S. estate tax laws, the level of complexity increases exponentially. We are prepared to assist and guide you through matters such as:

  • Crossborder estate planning
  • Canadian and U.S. estate reporting and taxation for Canadian decedents with U.S. property
  • Canadian and U.S. estate reporting and taxation for U.S. Citizens and long-term green-card holders passing away in Canada
  • Canadian beneficiaries and trustees of non-Canadian trusts
  • IRS closing letters, CRA tax clearance certificates, U.S. and Canadian residency certificates, etc.

Employment Mobility, Compensation, and Benefits

From the executive moving across the border to lead a new division to the U.S. company looking to hire Canadian talent and vice versa, we can advise on a myriad of payroll issues:

  • Planning and compliance related to employment transfers for short and long-term secondments and permanent relocations
  • Review of Canadian compensation and benefits under U.S. tax laws
  • Filing for Certificate of Coverage under the Totalization Agreements
  • Making IRC Section 83(b) Election, recognizing stock option awards individually or through a corporation
  • US and Canada tax implications on stock options, restricted stock units, stock awards, etc.
  • Taxation of board and executive directors

Property Transactions

Both sides of the border offer great opportunities for buying real estate, whether for investment or simply to enjoy while on vacation. We make this process easier for you by assisting with:

  • Tax planning related to vacation home purchases especially for Canadians who wish to spend their winters in the warmer south
  • Canada and US rental income reporting
  • Obtaining Clearance Certificates on the disposition of Canadian Taxable Property (TCP) by non-residents of Canada
  • Gifting and transferring assets pursuant to quitclaim deeds

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What our clients say

Elena and her team did a great job with my 2018 and 2019 taxes and I feel reassured knowing that everything has been done properly. I will certainly be retaining her services to handle my 2020 taxes, next year.

I highly recommend her. Cost is a factor, yes but it was worth it and in the final analysis, there is much value in having someone do the work properly and paying attention to the necessary detail. Her firm surpasses that standard  and her knowledge of non resident tax regimes is unmatched.

My only regret is that I did not know about her company 3 years ago as she would surely have assisted in my tax planning and would have ensured that my departure year tax was addressed much smoother. That said she was able to unravel everything and sort everything out in the proper way.

Alan JJune 2020 - Review on Google

I approached Hanson Crossborder Tax Inc.,to apply for an ITIN number, so that I could file a US tax return after the sale of my property in the USA. We worked with Ming. He coordinated with our accountant in Florida, and successfully managed to get the ITIN number even during a pandemic.

I would say a good team, diligent, and patient, with a fair billing rate. 5 stars. *****

Richard HOct 2020

Don’t waste your time with other cross-border tax accountants.

I don’t think anybody could possibly be more experienced in the subject. I had spoken with three different accountants, but now so glad that I found Elena. In addition to being an expert in her field, she is a pleasure to work with and responds quickly to any inquiries I have.

Definitely worth the investment!

Mark & KimOct, 2019 - Review on Google

Elena Hanson provided me and our company with the advice and service to address several cross-border taxation issues at both corporate and personal levels.

She is extremely knowledgeable and professional in sorting out what needs to be done for Canadians doing business in the US.

Stuart MNov, 2019

Had some questions that needed answers before I made a decision about extending my work contract here in Ontario. Ms. Hanson returned my call after hours and took the time to help me estimate my liabilities with Canada, US and my home state of CA. With the information she provided I was able to make a proper decision going forward.

I may return [to Canada] next year, if so, this will be my go to service.

Michael MSep, 2019

I have been a client of Hanson Crossborder for 3 years. I have used several firms in the past for my cross-border taxes and in my opinion, Elena and her team are by far the best!

Elena’s firm is professional, well-organized and runs like a ‘well-oiled machine’. Her knowledge regarding cross-border tax law is second-to-none. When a tax issue arises, she is very responsive to requests/questions, whether by email or phone.

Although you may find other firms that offer tax services for less, it has been my experience that there’s tremendous value in having your taxes done correctly, thus avoiding the administrative hassle and additional fees required for future amendments. Highly recommend!

Michelle BApril 2020 - Review on Google

I really enjoy working with Elena. She understands all of the ins/outs of accounting both business and personal. I have a reasonably large number of rental units, personal businesses, and other income sources for which she provided a tax strategy that simplifies my North-and-South-of-the-border filing.

I am quite happy with the service.

Clifford WApril, 2016 - Review on Google

Elena and her team were referred to us through a immigration lawyer. From our first meeting 4 years ago she was professional and very pleasant to deal with. Her knowledge of both the Canadian and US tax systems are extraordinary (hence why she does the cross border taxes for some of the professional athletes who play for the Toronto teams). Elena and her team manage both our Canadian and US business and personal tax returns. I’ve been reading some of the bad reviews which in my experience is not justified.

US tax laws are so complicated that Elena and her team want to keep you on the right side of the law. In fact, my Canadian accountant who is American uses Elena for his US personal tax return. Thank you Elena and team for your guidance in this complicated field.

Rrrr KayJune 2020 - Review on Google

Elena Hanson has been my accountant for many years and she is the best I ever had!

I was an American working in Canada and Elena was extremely knowledgeable of international affairs. I didn’t think International tax accountants would give me financial advice, special tips about what to expect, what not to do, and what to focus on for next year. She gave me more information than my banker and financial adviser!

I trust her because she is highly ethical, smart, and a go-getter! Her energy is intoxicating and she was always quick to get back to me anytime I needed her help. Elena works fast and with great accuracy. I would refer her to all my friends! She’s a gem!

Angela LNov, 2014

Like many Canadians with American heritage I had been unaware of the US tax filing requirement. Luckily, I was referred to Elena who guided me through the steps needed to become compliant without penalty.

The US tax system is more complicated than here in Canada, and I highly recommend Hanson Crossborder Tax Inc. for when you have to navigate those tricky waters.

Glenn MNov, 2014

We have dealt with Elena and Hanson Crossborder Tax and they certainly know their business. They have always been professional and personable. They were a great help to us with a difficult return. It is so nice to deal with someone who actually takes the time to return calls and emails almost immediately

Would definitely recommend them!!

Maureen MMar, 2019 - Review on Google

The team at HCB has been a pleasure to work with, they are professional, kind and always available to answer any questions.  They are patient to walk us through the uncharted territory of filing taxes cross international boarder, and delivered results much earlier than anticipated, especially during the intensely stressful health crisis this Spring.

It is incredibly refreshing to have the support of this competent and caring team on our side.

Lin HMar 2020

Thank you so much for preparing our U.S. 2019 tax return.   We are very appreciative of your excellent

knowledge and expertise in the field of cross-border tax laws and regulations.

You folks at HCBT never cease to amaze me.  In my opinion, it is rare indeed in today’s society to find

a company as dependable, efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful as HCBT.

Kudos to HCBT ! Again, my thanks for your excellent work.

Shirley AAug 2020


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