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At Hanson Crossborder Tax Professional Corporation, we help our clients navigate the requirements of complex foreign tax regimes. From assisting individuals and businesses with crossborder tax filing and reporting obligations, to offering valuable tax planning services and strategies, we work directly with our clients to find the best taxation result.

Our firm works cooperatively with a wide variety of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and investment portfolio managers to ensure all aspects of our clients’ crossborder matters are considered.


Moving from Canada to the U.S. or vice versa? We can help you navigate Canadian and U.S. tax laws through this major life change, as well as many other situations. Examples include:

  • U.S. Citizens living in Canada who are delinquent on U.S. tax filings or never filed
  • U.S. Expatriation or becoming a Canadian non-resident for tax purposes
  • U.S. Citizens with Canadian corporations facing U.S. Tax under GILTI, Subpart F, and PFIC tax regimes
  • Tax resolution and representation and assistance with letters and notices from U.S. and Canadian taxing authorities (IRS and CRA, respectively)
  • Crossborder planning for retirement plans, including rollover and liquidation of IRA, 401k, RRSP, LIRA, and other pension instruments
  • Canadian and U.S. tax implications due to marital breakdown


Businesses often find themselves facing crossborder tax issues. Whether you are a Canadian corporation wishing expand business to the U.S. or vice versa, we are experienced in providing tax support to corporations in both jurisdictions, including aiding in:

  • U.S. Entity tax compliance (C-corporations, S-corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, Parnterships, Single Member Disregarded Entities, Controlled Foreign Corporations, etc.)
  • Canadian foreign affiliate and controlled foreign affiliate reporting
  • Matters related to Permanent Establishment (PE) and “doing business”
  • Registration of Canadian branches with the CRA for business numbers, sales, and payroll accounts

Amnesty, Resolution, and Representation

Do you need help resolving notices from the IRS or the CRA? We can help with that and more:

  • Assisting with civil penalty notices
  • Addressing notices of penalty and additional tax due
  • Tax delinquency filing under reasonable cause via IRS prescribed amnesty programs (e.g. Streamlined Foreign Offshore Compliance) and the CRA Voluntary Disclosure program
  • Assisting with tax audits
  • Responding to requests for back tax returns
  • Advising on notices for collection, lien, or levy

Estates and Trusts

Planning for estates and trusts is complicated enough in a single country. When you have to consider both Canadian and U.S. estate tax laws, the level of complexity increases exponentially. We are prepared to assist and guide you through matters such as:

  • Crossborder estate planning
  • Canadian and U.S. estate reporting and taxation for Canadian decedents with U.S. property
  • Canadian and U.S. estate reporting and taxation for U.S. Citizens and long-term green-card holders passing away in Canada
  • Canadian beneficiaries and trustees of non-Canadian trusts
  • IRS closing letters, CRA tax clearance certificates, U.S. and Canadian residency certificates, etc.

Employment Mobility, Compensation, and Benefits

From the executive moving across the border to lead a new division to the U.S. company looking to hire Canadian talent and vice versa, we can advise on a myriad of payroll issues:

  • Planning and compliance related to employment transfers for short and long-term secondments and permanent relocations
  • Review of Canadian compensation and benefits under U.S. tax laws
  • Filing for Certificate of Coverage under the Totalization Agreements
  • Making IRC Section 83(b) Election, recognizing stock option awards individually or through a corporation
  • US and Canada tax implications on stock options, restricted stock units, stock awards, etc.
  • Taxation of board and executive directors

Property Transactions

Both sides of the border offer great opportunities for buying real estate, whether for investment or simply to enjoy while on vacation. We make this process easier for you by assisting with:

  • Tax planning related to vacation home purchases especially for Canadians who wish to spend their winters in the warmer south
  • Canada and US rental income reporting
  • Obtaining Clearance Certificates on the disposition of Canadian Taxable Property (TCP) by non-residents of Canada
  • Gifting and transferring assets pursuant to quitclaim deeds

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